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Jul 5, 2011


Gershwin, what a name, Gershwin is the name of the next update available right now from WordPress.

Version 3.2 offers plenty of new features including a really neat looking full-screen mode window for when writing blog posts, a brilliant cropping tool for images for your article posts, a generally quicker admin area and the dropping of support for IE6.

The WordPress update is available now via your WordPress Admin.

For more information check out this great introduction video.

Oct 1, 2010

MadeByPi Celebrate with first direct on their 21st Birthday

Members of the the MadeByPi team were recently invited down to the first direct headquarters in Leeds, to celebrate their 21st birthday with their staff in style on waltzers, helter skelters, bumper cars and other fun-for-all fair ground rides.

The team at the very wet, but fun day out at first direct


Apr 8, 2010

Design Outside the Box – presentation from DICE 2010

Watched this video the other day, some pretty interesting insight into and predictions for facebook and non-traditional games.

"Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Jesse Schell, dives into a world of game development which will emerge from the popular 'Facebook Games' era"

Watch it on G4

Feb 25, 2010

Fact me!

A massive infographic with loads of google facts! Created by Pingdom

Full size after the jump...

Jun 29, 2009

Did you know?

Bit of an old video, but a good one! Fact me!

via SwissMiss

Apr 6, 2009

Web trends map


Check out this web trends map, currently on flickr, soon to be a great poster.

via designyoutrust

Dec 9, 2008

Type Trumps!

These would make a great christmas gift for one of those design types.

Via Swiss Miss. Available from Magma books

Sep 16, 2008

Google take to the sea…

Google's latest innovation has seen them file a patent to house their data centers offshore where they will harness wave power to generate electricity and cool their servers! All very honourable, but there is also a great business case, as taking to the sea will mean that the company can avoid property tax.

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