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Sep 16, 2008

Google take to the sea…

Google's latest innovation has seen them file a patent to house their data centers offshore where they will harness wave power to generate electricity and cool their servers! All very honourable, but there is also a great business case, as taking to the sea will mean that the company can avoid property tax.

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Jul 9, 2008

Show Us a Better Way

The Government has released Gigabytes of new or previously invisible public information in a bid to get people creating exciting new applications to help translate this data to the public.

There's Neighbourhood statistics, Health care information, all the schools in England and Wales, Notices from the London Gazette, Transport information and much much more. The Power of Information Taskforce are running a competition for the best idea and the prize is £20,000 to further develop their idea.

One thing im particularly interested in is creating a mashup by plotting every bus stop and bus route in the UK on a google map and then animating the buses in real time using their GPS data so you can visually see exactly where your bus is - it'd be great for mobile devices and save a lot of waiting around at bus stops!

Check out their site: