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Apr 30, 2010

Blend modes with Pixel Bender – an update…

I posted this blend mode stuff a long time ago, but the interface was awful and it slipped most people by.

So, I've packaged all the code up into a handy SWC and made a better example application for you to play with.

Here's the test page, and here's the SWC. As well as clicking on the source images to load new ones, you can save your blended creations by clicking on the output window.


Apr 3, 2009

Pixel Bending – blend modes

SoftDodge blend mode - in Flash

Ever wished there were more blend modes at your disposal in Flash?

Well, with Pixel Bender - Flash Player 10's pixel-pushing number-cruncher, it's easy to implement blend modes that were previously unavailable.

With the help of blend mode references from dunnbypaul and pegtop I've made 12 new blendmodes to play with.

Try them out

Get the sources - PixelBender kernals and the test project